Year One.

This is the page for the Year One campaign for a Plano Texas based gaming group.

A wise man said the definition of a hero was a person who did what was right even when it meant getting hurt especially when he didn’t have to. Another wise man said a hero is somebody who gets people killed. I like to think it is both. My name is Warwyck, and if you are reading this, you are in a jail cell under Waterdeep. Its not important how I got here or even how you did. Not to brag or rub it in, but it must have been a good one if you ended up in my old cell. They keep it warm just for me. I have seen lots, more than most can imagine. And in those travels Id like to think I have met a few that qualify as heroes. Heroes according to both of those definitions. I’m writing about a few of those people I met a while back under, less than perfect circumstances. I grew to really care about this group of heroes. They may never get their story told anywhere else, and who knows who will find these scribblings when I make that wrong turn into the wrong alley one day. But for whomever finds this, they will be treated to a tale of heroes like no other. We begin in the first year of their travels. Year One, before they could even be called heroes. But all heroes don’t start out as heroes, now do they… Found in a secret prison cell beneath the city of Waterdeep

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Cast of Characters:
Ozman Deverin , Drow Rogue Ozman Sheet Thaedrik , Dwarven Cleric Thaedrik Sheet
Risse , Tiefling Warlock Risse Sheet Tor , Shifter Sorcerer Tor Sheet
Pock’Ett, Gnome Ranger Bart , Human,Scholar/”Fighter”/Protector of the party. Bart Sheet

Year one

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