Year one

Between a Humanoid and a soft place.

Caught between an Humanoid and a soft Place.

The group discovered the room where Thaedrik stashed his armor. Still unsure why he did this they soldiered onto a room behind that room where they discovered the dagger and an apparent summoning room.

After much debate and talking and testing Tor hears a noise. Oz slams the door thinking someone may be on the other side of it, no noises of pain are heard. They ready themselves and Bart the now appointed protector of the party charges through the door along side of Thaedrik who refuses to let him be killed with his lack of skill.

Once through the door arrows fly forth striking the dwarf and the small human. The group begins to regroup for a battle and when looking through the door they see two archers on the other side of the spiked floor room. They are backed up by a cultist with a lantern. He yells back to unseen others that they must be in here, this is where the bodies lead them. Thinking back the group realizes they have left a trail of bodies in their wake from the front of the temple to this room.

Moving across the floor causes some problem with men firing arrows and some of the group takes it slowly to make it across. Thaedrik ready for combat charges forth and begins a brutal assault on the archers. Meanwhile just a short hallway away. Poc, a traveling ranger who has been captive in a holding cell for sacrifices sees a chance at escape. Suddenly a cultist comes in and tells them of a disturbance a few rooms over. Two of the guards leave with him and they leave behind the biggest guard. A 7 and a half feet beast of a man named Ebekenezer. Poc uses a special skill to make sounds of taunting come from a side of the cage, this angers Eb and he takes out his anger on a potential sacrifice. While he is distracted with a recent body removed from the cage, Poc sees that he can really easily outsmart the large man and puts a plan in motion.

the fight is moving quickly and the archers show they are not versed at close combat with a group of cornered fighters such as these. Tor takes a chance and levels a pair of the guards with a display of lightning. With enough room to move freely Oz throws man cultist into harms way and takes them out. As they are fighting reinforcements appear from the cage room not far away.

Poc makes two piles of bodies in the cell. On the bodies earlier he found some items of no consequence but with some skills he uses them to start a small fire under the bodies. He uses his sound throwing ability to make noises come from one pile and in turn arouses Ebs anger. He comes in to put out the fire and when he does so Poc slips out the door.

He has words with Eb and then grabs his belongings and moves quickly to follow the guards.

He sees them near a door in combat with unseen people. He moves in quickly and finds the last guard who did him disservice and begins to do battle along side the rest of the party. Eventually they make short work of the group and try very awkwardly to make introductions.

Soon Bart emerges from the room he was knocked into and tells the group they should follow the path of the spell the came across earlier. Poc agrees with this and from his recollection they should be heading to a lake. The others write this off as this temple surely cannot house a lake. After some quick rest and traveling a few more rooms they come to a room where the spell seems to end. But there is a large cellar door in this area. They drop sun rods down to see the bottom and then make there way in. Oz continually asks to rest but Thaedrik and the others inform him of how pointless and dangerous it would be to do so at this time. As he scouts, Bart brings up the rear. Oz bumps into a wall of cold stickiness and so does the Dwarf. Suddenly with a flash of light they do see a large gelatinous cube shambling slowly towards them. Poc decides they can dig a hole for the beast to slip down into and then go over him when its is deep in the hold enough. They begin to do so but the going is slow. Suddenly the smell of the dead burning bodies above gets stronger. Two dead bodies plop from above right before Ebekenezer, burned and in shambles lands in the tunnel with them. He sees Poc and goes insane with anger. The hall is small for his large frame but he moves forward as best he can. The group fights well in close quarters with Thaedrik moving to behind the beast man and them making short work of him.

They come eventually to a larger open area. This part looks to have been here for years before the temple and is huge. A lake is this room and Poc grins a huge grin as to say I told you so.



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