Year one


Kestrel is the adopted tiefling daughter of a great blacksmith and ex-adventurer Kishane. She was raised by him and another adopted elf child. He was too old to start a family but took in the orphans as needed help. The orphans grew up persecute somewhat by the townspeople due to their odd look and being different is enough for kids to be cruel to. The girls grew strong and learned all of the blacksmiths ways and even how to use the weapons they made. They gained some knowledge of religion due to the large number of religious items they also made for the man. Recently, an old friend comes to town to ask Kishane make and send a special key to a mutual friend of thiers. An old Dwarven smith named Karnd. He feels he is too old to make the trip and thus sends his daughters. They travel with his old friend and his small party of adventurers. Among them a great half elven archer and a stand offish Cleric. While travelling they meet a the remains of a highway robbery gone bad and help. They later make it to the town where the victims were headed and inform the town guard. They are accused and given the option to find the real criminals or be punished. They are also accompanied by a drow who is also accused of the crime. They eventually find the true criminals but in the process have their map to the dwarven smith wrongfully translated to an archaic form of Orcish. Now they seek an Orcish cartographer who can help them make sense of this map. The old friend of Kestrel father is killed and so is her sister and the Cleric. Leaving only the Archer, Kestrel and now the Drow who sees this as a chance to make some serious coin and get magical items he can sell for great profit.



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