Year one

But, theyre only Kobolds

When last we left our heroes they had made it to the next small town. There rooms were paid for by Bart, the scholar that accompanied them with the Dragonborn Taltos. Risse, tried to get sleep and wondered about what news the old lady from the earlier village had for her. In the morning they all rose at separate times and went about their ways. Arioth went to find news of his employer in this town. Taltos sought out information on Dragons in the area. Savar and Kestrel were in various states of wounded and decided to sleep it off in the rooms. Oz eventually tracked down what passed for a thieves guild in this town and decided they were beneath his skill level to speak with. The apparently operated out of a stable and this town seemed to have no glory for any serious rogue. Eventually Taltos does get news that there were others looking for dragon information in town but they left and may have been attacked by rabid kobolds who have been menacing the roads leading out of town towards a large old keep. Risse finds the magic shop and thinks she will find the old lady there and goes to see her. She meets with a creepy child who plays games and pretty much mocks her. She leaves behind a note. Arioth is told his employer was in town but stepped out a day or so ago with an older dwarf and has not been seen since. While going to find the researchers, Taltos is attacked by kobolds and defeats them soundly, bringing one back to town. He brings back coins as well and asks Bart to look at them. He deduces they are a local currency as from a local lord or duke. Bart is told to stay behind as he gathers the others and convinces them they should continue towards the keep for answers they all may be seeking. Risse and Oz stop at the magic shop once more and Oz searches the now empty shop finding a box with items in it. He tells Risse and with some quick reasoning she determines the box has components for a duplication type spell. They leave with the others, but now Risse is curious.

On the road they are attacked by Kobolds and beat them quickly. A note and more strange coins are found on the bodies. The notes tells the reader to keep up the work with the attacks and soon they will be rewarded and the coins will keep flowing. There are also tracks, they follow tracks to others and a cave. They plan a way to get into the cave thinking the writer of the letter and maybe the people they look for will be there. A plan is made to have Oz sneak around one side while the rest of the part goes another towards the top of the cave entry. While doing so the second part of the group makes much noise and alerts the Kobold sentries. One escapes into the cave below and the others fight the group. Oz gives chase but inside the entrance a wall of wooden spikes rises up as he catches his quarry. He takes him out and rushes to help the others. After the scuffle, they realize they cannot make it into the cave with the wall there. They then hear noises. Oz runs away to the top of the cave to find another way in. The group decides to use Risse as bait and lets her lay down in the entry way as if she is hurt. Suddenly, the spikes give way to a pair of hounds and large muscled kobold like hyenna beasts. Risse teleports away to safety and the group battles hard. Oz finds an entrance far away and goes inside. Apparently the inhabitants were alerted and he hears them coming. Knowing he cant make it out up the ladder he came down fast enough, he gets ready to attack in the dark. As they come around the corner he attacks and lands a deadly double dagger strike. A fireball flashes and the area is lit up with flames and yells. In the brief flash of light he realizes he has stabbed one of the captives he came to rescue. He grabs him and makes it for the ladder. Howls of pain are heard as the other kobolds in the hall are scorched. As he makes it to the top in the confusion another explosion is heard as another even bigger fireball explodes. He and the captive make it to safety just in time. Back in the cave the others are having some time with the large beasts but do them in with quick thinking from Risse and some heavy hitting by Taltos. Arioth manages to not get killed. After dispatching them they move into the cave and smell smoke and ash. They ready themselves with Risse scouting ahead with well placed shadow steps. She comes to a room with a dwarf and a burned Kobold making his way into the room with knife drawn but on his belly barely holding on. She assumes he is coming to finish the dwarf before he succumbs to his burns. She finishes him off and they untie the dwarf. A room is find with a chest with an ornate arrow in it. They quickly meet with Oz and his rescue and patch him up as best they can for a possible deadly trip back to town.



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