Year one

XP for Session 1

You all should all be at 2250 for level 3 and 3750 for level 4.

892 per person

Bonus xp.
Bonus xp will be given for crazy things, good jokes, hosting, bringing food, and not stabbing me with a midget. Want more XP, do something awesome or dramatic.

Ozman + 275 for theiving. + 200 for hosting.
Savar + 400 for the plan to get out of the shop.
Risse + 400 for agressive combat. + 100 for tater salad, next time it needs bacon…. what???
Kestrel + 400 for using her spirit to stop an almost ambush.
Arioth + 500 for comic releif and inviting so many people to his “special” room with “gadgets”.
Taltos + 450 for healing strangers on the road and not killing the Dragon-Fanboy he had collected.



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