Year one

Xp November session 1

Jeff (adding things for Thaedrik and Arioth) 1200 500 275 200 100 = 2275 Playing two characters, delivering last rites to his dead predecessor, backing up Bart when Oz is trying to kill him talking to Oz about his dagger advising against using it.

Risse 1200 550 250 350 = 2350 Combining skills with Tor on the writing, Listening and trying to help Thaedrik, searching and finding the dagger and trying to piece together is message.

Tor 1200 550 500 200 = 2450 Combining skills with Risse, The solution to the plate/spike room, helping with Thaedrik

Oz 1200 500 200 275 = 2175 His allegiance to Lolth, nice tactic with the running cultist, attempting to “help” Bart become a warrior.



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