Year one

Between a Humanoid and a soft place.

Caught between an Humanoid and a soft Place.

The group discovered the room where Thaedrik stashed his armor. Still unsure why he did this they soldiered onto a room behind that room where they discovered the dagger and an apparent summoning room.

After much debate and talking and testing Tor hears a noise. Oz slams the door thinking someone may be on the other side of it, no noises of pain are heard. They ready themselves and Bart the now appointed protector of the party charges through the door along side of Thaedrik who refuses to let him be killed with his lack of skill.

Once through the door arrows fly forth striking the dwarf and the small human. The group begins to regroup for a battle and when looking through the door they see two archers on the other side of the spiked floor room. They are backed up by a cultist with a lantern. He yells back to unseen others that they must be in here, this is where the bodies lead them. Thinking back the group realizes they have left a trail of bodies in their wake from the front of the temple to this room.

Moving across the floor causes some problem with men firing arrows and some of the group takes it slowly to make it across. Thaedrik ready for combat charges forth and begins a brutal assault on the archers. Meanwhile just a short hallway away. Poc, a traveling ranger who has been captive in a holding cell for sacrifices sees a chance at escape. Suddenly a cultist comes in and tells them of a disturbance a few rooms over. Two of the guards leave with him and they leave behind the biggest guard. A 7 and a half feet beast of a man named Ebekenezer. Poc uses a special skill to make sounds of taunting come from a side of the cage, this angers Eb and he takes out his anger on a potential sacrifice. While he is distracted with a recent body removed from the cage, Poc sees that he can really easily outsmart the large man and puts a plan in motion.

the fight is moving quickly and the archers show they are not versed at close combat with a group of cornered fighters such as these. Tor takes a chance and levels a pair of the guards with a display of lightning. With enough room to move freely Oz throws man cultist into harms way and takes them out. As they are fighting reinforcements appear from the cage room not far away.

Poc makes two piles of bodies in the cell. On the bodies earlier he found some items of no consequence but with some skills he uses them to start a small fire under the bodies. He uses his sound throwing ability to make noises come from one pile and in turn arouses Ebs anger. He comes in to put out the fire and when he does so Poc slips out the door.

He has words with Eb and then grabs his belongings and moves quickly to follow the guards.

He sees them near a door in combat with unseen people. He moves in quickly and finds the last guard who did him disservice and begins to do battle along side the rest of the party. Eventually they make short work of the group and try very awkwardly to make introductions.

Soon Bart emerges from the room he was knocked into and tells the group they should follow the path of the spell the came across earlier. Poc agrees with this and from his recollection they should be heading to a lake. The others write this off as this temple surely cannot house a lake. After some quick rest and traveling a few more rooms they come to a room where the spell seems to end. But there is a large cellar door in this area. They drop sun rods down to see the bottom and then make there way in. Oz continually asks to rest but Thaedrik and the others inform him of how pointless and dangerous it would be to do so at this time. As he scouts, Bart brings up the rear. Oz bumps into a wall of cold stickiness and so does the Dwarf. Suddenly with a flash of light they do see a large gelatinous cube shambling slowly towards them. Poc decides they can dig a hole for the beast to slip down into and then go over him when its is deep in the hold enough. They begin to do so but the going is slow. Suddenly the smell of the dead burning bodies above gets stronger. Two dead bodies plop from above right before Ebekenezer, burned and in shambles lands in the tunnel with them. He sees Poc and goes insane with anger. The hall is small for his large frame but he moves forward as best he can. The group fights well in close quarters with Thaedrik moving to behind the beast man and them making short work of him.

They come eventually to a larger open area. This part looks to have been here for years before the temple and is huge. A lake is this room and Poc grins a huge grin as to say I told you so.

XP November session 2

Risse 1700
Oz 1900
Poc 2000
Tor 1700
Thaedrik 1948.3

I am sorry had to take away 2.7 XP from Jeff because he brought no Chips and Salsa.
It is so sad, when you don’t bring it, you only hurt yourself.

So sad…

Xp November session 1

Jeff (adding things for Thaedrik and Arioth) 1200 500 275 200 100 = 2275 Playing two characters, delivering last rites to his dead predecessor, backing up Bart when Oz is trying to kill him talking to Oz about his dagger advising against using it.

Risse 1200 550 250 350 = 2350 Combining skills with Tor on the writing, Listening and trying to help Thaedrik, searching and finding the dagger and trying to piece together is message.

Tor 1200 550 500 200 = 2450 Combining skills with Risse, The solution to the plate/spike room, helping with Thaedrik

Oz 1200 500 200 275 = 2175 His allegiance to Lolth, nice tactic with the running cultist, attempting to “help” Bart become a warrior.

XP Totals thus far

Risse 2250 1780 1550 5580
Ozman 2250 1780 1500 5530
Arioth 2250 1770 1680 5700
Taltos 3750 1750 5500
Tor 2250 1600 3850

Session 3 XP

Arioth 1100 + 580 = 1680
Tor 1100 + 585 = 1685
Oz 1100 + 500 = 1600
Risse 1100 + 500 = 1600

On the road to the Keep the group goes through bags and finds a few items from the guards
treasure room and merchants place.

One well carved ornate hand crossbow with a pearl handle and slight blue runes.v 4 assorted “random” scrolls with 1 roll for arcana at diff 18 you can identify each.
6 throwing daggers with holes cut in to apparently make a whistling affect when thrown.
2 bags of holding
4 jade rings
1 obviously magical bracelett of unknown ability.

297 gold coins
500 silver
1308 copper

What drug the cat in.

After leaving the cave where they found the Dwarf and Kishane, the group was a bit dedraggled. On the road they apparently did not notice a small patrol group of kobolds. The kobolds figured maybe they could finish off the wounded in the party. Before they could spring an attack, Tor, a Shifter Sorcerer who lived in the surrounding area for sometime, sprang from a tree and took out a creature with a lighting spell. Shocked, Oz lights her up with a faerie fire(he calls it dark fire, but we know that shit was very fruity in its conception and execution) and takes cover. A quick understanding is reached and She falls in behind the group but does not join them in their quest. Back in town Arioth takes the severely wounded (thanks Oz) Kishane to a temple. He is healed but at a hefty cost from one of the preists. He somewhat talks Arioth into “donating” money for his help. At the Tavern, Risse and the others find Bart who was supposed to be researching the coins. He was very drunk at this point and playing darts with a goblet with a crowd. Eventually they take him and the dwarf to a room above to talk. Tor the shifter stays on rooftops outside of the tavern observing. From her view point she can see through the window and witnesses a spectacle. Risse, pretty much drags the dwarf and Bart to her room, alone. Bart goes to the bed and the dwarf sits in the corner in a chair. Bart empties his pockets of coins and lays them on the bed while talking to Risse. She nods and shakes her head as Bart seemingly talks in great detail about his payment and points to the bed. Suddenly the Drow and the Dragonborn enter the room and the Drow throws money on the bed two and flashes a hand for the number 5. Risse looks and sees Tor and invites her to come in. She almost accepts and agrees to meet downstairs. Before Oz came up to the room he spoke with the bartender about the reward for killing kobolds. With about 15 pair of ears he bluffs,threatens the barkeep into a giving a fair price for them. Arioth comes back and tells the group that in his deliriousness Kishane spoke of blackness and evil but came to and told him of a keep outside of town and that the dwarf would know more. They speak to Dougal the Dwarf and find that he knows the whereabouts of the keep but no way in. He tells them through his research an evil spirit was summoned there years ago and bound into the body of great black dragon. This dragon did battle with another and was eventually pushed back into the Shadow realm in the keep. The other dragon perished and is the dragon burial ground outside of the town. The captian of the guard has been paying kobolds to keep the roads near the temple clear and may know a way in. Dougal also tells Arioth that they will need more help and he thinks this will be the end of them if they go it alone. They decide to ask Tor to help them out because they will need all of the help they can get. She agrees. The group discusses a way to get into the gaurds tower. While doing so Taltos takes care of moving Kishane to a more secure location and identifying the items he found in the trip to the cave. The group decides to find gaurds and take their clothes and sneak into the tower when they change shifts. Not realizing that among them is a Drow, a Tiefling and Shifter and Dragonborn, all who cannot pass as normal town guard. Before they can get prepared they are stopped by guards. But only Risse and Oz are there. Oz vanishes and Risse is left with the gaurds explaining whos she is and what business she has there. While doing so, Oz circles around and kills one of the gaurds. A fight ensues and the two take down four guards but sustain heavy injuries. They make it back to the others and tell them they have clothes, but then they all realize the fatal problem with the plan with a Dragonborn, Drow and Tiefling and Shifter trying to pass as normal gaurds Tor has an idea to go and tell the guards that bodies were found. While they go to investigate the others can sneak into the tower from the top. When Tor takes the guards to the bodies they find a coin placed in the mouth of one of the dead guardsmen. Thinking this kill was warranted, but still needing a person to blame, they turn and attack Tor. She wounds one quickly and takes to the trees to escape. They loose her fairly fast with her skill in escape. At the tower the group enters and goes straight to the captain of the guards room. He is smoking and out of it, and they rush him. Oz’s interrogation skills end up costing the man two fingers before they start to realize he is pretty much a prisoner as Risse puts it and has no real knowledge of whats happening. he tells them a rich merchant/duke gives him the coins and is really in charge of the guard he is a figure head and is paid well to stay there. As they are talking his screames alerted people and the door flies open and a guardsmen puts a crossbow bolt into the captains head, killing him instantly. Tor shows up in the nick of time and puts that guardsmen down quickly before he could reload. Oz gets a bag and loots the room and the treasure room down the hall. Risse follows suit and takes tapestries from the walls. She searches the gaurdsmen who killed the captain and notices he is a well manicured man with a very nice crossbow, she takes this and a note with seal on it. They goto the merchants shop while Arioth talks with the haberdasher and they find more dragon and magic related texts. Rest and decide to go to the temple as soon as they can. Once at the temple, it is just after noonday and they find it is sealed. For a bit they search and try to find a way in. Eventually Risse discovers that the stone obelisks outside of the temple need to cast a shadow at a certain time on the wall to create a shadow door. Once it is there they can enter the keep. They had just missed the noon day sun and so no shadow would be cast until sundown, several hours from now, giving the town time to discover the dead guards and captain. Tor, accidentally discovers her staff can cast a shadow when she was between the last two stones. She explains this to the group and thinks maybe they can use sticks and a cloak or blanket to make a moveable item to cast a shadow with the same runes carved in it. They do do and create a shadowy door. Before entering they hear clanging and something coming towards them. They look to see Taltos and Bart coming up the road. Taltos blesses the group and enters the Keep first and the others follow.

Session 2 XP

Bonus xp will be given for crazy things, good jokes, hosting, bringing food, and not stabbing me with a midget. Want more XP, do something awesome or dramatic.

Ozman 1780 “saving” Kishane
Risse 1780 playing “bait” for the baddies, serious combat skill.
Arioth 1770 Dealing with Bart and really hitting it off with the haberdasher where he could buy mens clothing and accessories.
Taltos 1750 investigating the road from town alone, uncovering info about the kobolds attacks .

But, theyre only Kobolds

When last we left our heroes they had made it to the next small town. There rooms were paid for by Bart, the scholar that accompanied them with the Dragonborn Taltos. Risse, tried to get sleep and wondered about what news the old lady from the earlier village had for her. In the morning they all rose at separate times and went about their ways. Arioth went to find news of his employer in this town. Taltos sought out information on Dragons in the area. Savar and Kestrel were in various states of wounded and decided to sleep it off in the rooms. Oz eventually tracked down what passed for a thieves guild in this town and decided they were beneath his skill level to speak with. The apparently operated out of a stable and this town seemed to have no glory for any serious rogue. Eventually Taltos does get news that there were others looking for dragon information in town but they left and may have been attacked by rabid kobolds who have been menacing the roads leading out of town towards a large old keep. Risse finds the magic shop and thinks she will find the old lady there and goes to see her. She meets with a creepy child who plays games and pretty much mocks her. She leaves behind a note. Arioth is told his employer was in town but stepped out a day or so ago with an older dwarf and has not been seen since. While going to find the researchers, Taltos is attacked by kobolds and defeats them soundly, bringing one back to town. He brings back coins as well and asks Bart to look at them. He deduces they are a local currency as from a local lord or duke. Bart is told to stay behind as he gathers the others and convinces them they should continue towards the keep for answers they all may be seeking. Risse and Oz stop at the magic shop once more and Oz searches the now empty shop finding a box with items in it. He tells Risse and with some quick reasoning she determines the box has components for a duplication type spell. They leave with the others, but now Risse is curious.

On the road they are attacked by Kobolds and beat them quickly. A note and more strange coins are found on the bodies. The notes tells the reader to keep up the work with the attacks and soon they will be rewarded and the coins will keep flowing. There are also tracks, they follow tracks to others and a cave. They plan a way to get into the cave thinking the writer of the letter and maybe the people they look for will be there. A plan is made to have Oz sneak around one side while the rest of the part goes another towards the top of the cave entry. While doing so the second part of the group makes much noise and alerts the Kobold sentries. One escapes into the cave below and the others fight the group. Oz gives chase but inside the entrance a wall of wooden spikes rises up as he catches his quarry. He takes him out and rushes to help the others. After the scuffle, they realize they cannot make it into the cave with the wall there. They then hear noises. Oz runs away to the top of the cave to find another way in. The group decides to use Risse as bait and lets her lay down in the entry way as if she is hurt. Suddenly, the spikes give way to a pair of hounds and large muscled kobold like hyenna beasts. Risse teleports away to safety and the group battles hard. Oz finds an entrance far away and goes inside. Apparently the inhabitants were alerted and he hears them coming. Knowing he cant make it out up the ladder he came down fast enough, he gets ready to attack in the dark. As they come around the corner he attacks and lands a deadly double dagger strike. A fireball flashes and the area is lit up with flames and yells. In the brief flash of light he realizes he has stabbed one of the captives he came to rescue. He grabs him and makes it for the ladder. Howls of pain are heard as the other kobolds in the hall are scorched. As he makes it to the top in the confusion another explosion is heard as another even bigger fireball explodes. He and the captive make it to safety just in time. Back in the cave the others are having some time with the large beasts but do them in with quick thinking from Risse and some heavy hitting by Taltos. Arioth manages to not get killed. After dispatching them they move into the cave and smell smoke and ash. They ready themselves with Risse scouting ahead with well placed shadow steps. She comes to a room with a dwarf and a burned Kobold making his way into the room with knife drawn but on his belly barely holding on. She assumes he is coming to finish the dwarf before he succumbs to his burns. She finishes him off and they untie the dwarf. A room is find with a chest with an ornate arrow in it. They quickly meet with Oz and his rescue and patch him up as best they can for a possible deadly trip back to town.

XP for Session 1

You all should all be at 2250 for level 3 and 3750 for level 4.

892 per person

Bonus xp.
Bonus xp will be given for crazy things, good jokes, hosting, bringing food, and not stabbing me with a midget. Want more XP, do something awesome or dramatic.

Ozman + 275 for theiving. + 200 for hosting.
Savar + 400 for the plan to get out of the shop.
Risse + 400 for agressive combat. + 100 for tater salad, next time it needs bacon…. what???
Kestrel + 400 for using her spirit to stop an almost ambush.
Arioth + 500 for comic releif and inviting so many people to his “special” room with “gadgets”.
Taltos + 450 for healing strangers on the road and not killing the Dragon-Fanboy he had collected.


Kestrel is the adopted tiefling daughter of a great blacksmith and ex-adventurer Kishane. She was raised by him and another adopted elf child. He was too old to start a family but took in the orphans as needed help. The orphans grew up persecute somewhat by the townspeople due to their odd look and being different is enough for kids to be cruel to. The girls grew strong and learned all of the blacksmiths ways and even how to use the weapons they made. They gained some knowledge of religion due to the large number of religious items they also made for the man. Recently, an old friend comes to town to ask Kishane make and send a special key to a mutual friend of thiers. An old Dwarven smith named Karnd. He feels he is too old to make the trip and thus sends his daughters. They travel with his old friend and his small party of adventurers. Among them a great half elven archer and a stand offish Cleric. While travelling they meet a the remains of a highway robbery gone bad and help. They later make it to the town where the victims were headed and inform the town guard. They are accused and given the option to find the real criminals or be punished. They are also accompanied by a drow who is also accused of the crime. They eventually find the true criminals but in the process have their map to the dwarven smith wrongfully translated to an archaic form of Orcish. Now they seek an Orcish cartographer who can help them make sense of this map. The old friend of Kestrel father is killed and so is her sister and the Cleric. Leaving only the Archer, Kestrel and now the Drow who sees this as a chance to make some serious coin and get magical items he can sell for great profit.


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