House Rules

House Rules for DnD games ran by Deacon
Starting level. In many games the characters all start at the same level. This is for ease of game play and encounter scaling. “You meet in a dark tavern and you all have the same level of experience” BORING! To break that up and start with staggered groups to some what mix things up but not totally kill the game I start with a “rolling” start.

Make a level 1 character. On the first session be ready to roll a die 4 (1d4) and that will be your starting level. The roll will be made in front of the entire group and you must level up right then before we begin the session. It is possible if people wish to give some of their levels to other players and get everybody evened out as much as possible if they so choose.

Multiple attacks per turn. If you character has a base attack bonus that gives them more than one attack per turn we roll initiative for each of those attacks. Meaning, you roll a d20 for each of your attacks and place them in line with the other initiative scores.

Example. Risse has 2 attacks because of her level. +10/+7 Kestrel has 1 at +9 Xanas has 1 at +8 Taltos has 2 at +10/+8

We roll initiative

Risse gets a 12 and 19 Kestrel gets 15 Xanas gets 25 Taltos gets 9 and 5

The initiative will look like such 25 Xanas 19 Risse 15 Kestrel 12 Risse 9 Taltos 5 Taltos Monsters will have their turns placed accordingly.

Two characters that get the same roll will go based on their initiaive bonus then their Dex Mod. If all of these are tied, they roll 1d6 to see who goes first. The first 1 rolled goes first.

Action/Drama Points.

Things are better with action and drama and crazy moments. Each session an action point is rewarded for the player who makes it fun for everybody. Either by a great tactical move, a funny game stopping joke, a cold blooded line delivered before the death blow or something equally as awesome. These points are used for all kinds of things. They can be for rerolling a save that if missed would surely kill you. To get a clue in a bad bad bad spot.To negate a critical hit that would do you in.

These are far and few between and should be cherished and remember that certain plot device NPCs such as big bosses may also have an action point to spare so he actually doesn’t fall of that cliff into oblivion.

House Rules

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