Orcish Magic

An Orc will never win a beauty contest. There is no way around it. But what they lack in looks and charisma they make up in ingenuity. Orcish mages are revered for transmutive magic. Changing one thing to another, swapping the properties of other things, taking out the bad and such.

Most Orcish Magic items will have a blue glow and will usually have the ability to look like other items.

Orcish language has a special language for magic and it is only taught to those who use it. Much Orcish magic is done with these symbols in Sky writing and is a site to behold.

A normal Orcish spell is cast by tracing the spells words in the air before activating. Many spells do not require physical components and have short duration.

Orcish spells can be learned by any magic user who spends two slots on learing Orcish and Oricsh Magic Language. The magic langauge must be taught by an Orc and takes about 2 months to learn. Spells can be placed in a normal Spell book and do not differ from them in anyway other than they have no ingredients.

There will be a list of Orcish spells and magic items as the campaign goes on listed here.

Orcish Magic

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