Orcish Purge

Magic is powerful and power is magical. Those are two truths connected in yet another way that scholars often forget. They are connected with love. Some have found the older history of the Elven Scholar who would almost destroy the world and they conclude he had one reason for searching for ultimate power, to impress a woman. In my travels I came across a blind wizard in a tavern. He told me how his lost his eyes. Something with a summoning spell gone wrong. But the thing he summoned apparently had much to say about his newest roommate in hell. His roommate seemed to never cease telling him a grand story.

200 hundred years ago a great war came to an end. This war was fought for 80 years and try as it might, the world tried to ignore and forget it. An Elven Scholar, Quel learned of the possibility of a great wealth of knowledge in the Underdark. A few summers earlier a teacher of his had journeyed there via a little known cave and found much about the history of the Derro and Drow. Eager to learn more than any before him the Young Quel sought out this place and found it. He mounted an expedition with two of his family and they crawled down. Armed with potent magic for escaping and protection they felt safe. Tragedy struck and they were caught by denizens of the dark. A small battle took place with the group being split up and running for their lives in the Underdark. Eventually, Quel comes to a safe place, several miles from where he started thanks to a botched attempt to teleport himself home and leave his brothers behind. For months he was in an abandoned library where he dared not leave. He was able to read tomes of great wisdom and resigned himself to the fact he would die amongst this treasure of forgotten knowledge. He came across a book that told of the Derro’s past and he used all of his might to translate it. The story that unfolded before him was great and he began to understand and feel kin to these forgotten twisted dwarven brothers. Another book he found detailed ancient rituals of power. And with his fading eyesight from months of being in low light he cast a spell from this book to take him home. Now months of digging through the library and eating what he could find, took its toll on the young scholar and in his diminished mental capacity, he thought home to be among the Derro ruling body. He was whisked away face to face with them. He was able to show them he had learned their language and their history and he must have been sent here to help them. In his misguided translations he believed the Derro must rise up and reclaim the surface by killing a great impure menace. The Orcs. The Derro, knowing he mis-read the texts gave no motion to stop him. But read his conviction as a sure way to make a move to take over. They welcomed him with open arms and together they began the Orcish Purge.

The Purge began as a large campaign to gain followers and resources. For years Quel, who now called him self Gul Mordis, found those willing to fight at his side. With his charisma and conviction he swayed many a misguided youth to his side. He won over great minds of magic and alchemy. Many who were never given the chance to shine in their fields elsewhere were given the chance to do so with him. He and a very wise necromancer developed a race of hound like creatures who could sense Orcs from miles away. They created a special armor to be given to his elite guard force of elves who followed his vision and would fight with him to the end. Through a ritual so vile the texts followed were destroyed the bound a great demon and used her to create massive structures to house and kill as many Orcs as they could. The die was cast and they were ready to begin the next phase of their purge.

Like a dark river, they descended over the far reaches of the world. Seemingly being everywhere at once. They took whole villages and towns. Cities were taken from the inside out as populations of Orcs vanished over night. Whisked away to these camps where many were slaughtered and some were forced to give up secrets of Orcish magic. Their stores of magic and treasure were looted and used to further the evil campaign. The other races turned a blind eye, thinking this would settle itself and the Orcs could easily defeat a young scholar and his friends. Not until a grand Orcish Mage told many powerful elves and humans that Gul had a deep dark help did they take heed. By this time it was almost too late and millions had been slaughtered.

The end drew near as within weeks the Elves, Humans and Halflings rose up armies to defeat this threat. The Dwarves stayed away officially and said that all things happen for a great reason and there was no need for them to interfere. Eventually the alliance of three races were able to push back the hordes and begin a final showdown with Gul and his inner circle. In the Husk of a dead dragon so large a city was contained in his stomach, the armies met. Gul was quickly wounded by his enraged enemies and fled to safety. Deep in his secret place, he bargained with great demons to help him win. Something, heard his cry and granted him power he sought. He was transformed to a great and powerful Lich of immense size. But the demon was not to be so forgiving. When Gul demanded he see who he was now indebted to a visage of the demon appeared as great Orcish Mage. This angered Gul and he struck out, causing the Demon to drag him to hell with him. With Gul seemingly dead, his armies lost cohesion. Many tried a last ditch effort to retreat to another plane to rest and attack again. But the spell went wrong and they were sealed there forever. The threats had been defeated but much damage had been done.

For years the world pieced back together what had been lost. Other wars were fought, many ages passed but still try as they might the world has never forgotten the Purge.

Orcish Purge

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